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Why choose GGA

We offer full third-party payment in most French-speaking African countries

The GGA practices third-party payment in most French-speaking African countries. This prevents our policyholders from advancing fees if they use our network of pharmacists, testing laboratories, hospitals, clinics, and dental centers, within the limits of the contract.

In addition to these services, we provide care if the hospitalization takes place outside your country of residence, especially in France and Lebanon, thanks to the international card of Insured. This card allows healthcare centers to check if the fees are up-to-date and avoids any advance of costs, as long as the guarantee and the zone are stipulated in the contract.

Real expertise in health insurance

Over 40 years serving expatriates

GGA specializes in assembling insurance products for expatriates. An experience that has allowed him to acquire business expertise and a thorough knowledge of your needs throughout the African continent.

Adapted offers

Solutions close to your needs

We offer health insurance products tailored to your needs, local health conditions and your nationality. We know that an Indian or a Lebanese, a South African or a Frenchman does not wait for the same services. But all seek excellence in hospitalization or medical evacuation.

Very competitive rates

A quality / price ratio adapted to our guarantees

We offer you excellent guarantees at very low prices. Over the years we have evolved our health insurance offers closer to your needs at rates consistent with the health costs of the African continent.

Excellent guarantees

Our solutions are studied to bring you the best covers

Our guarantees medical care, pharmacy, analyzes, optics and dental care are developed to offer you an excellent cover for a complete health insurance. We deliver or have delivered in case of hospitalization care in Europe, Africa and India, within the limits of guarantees of the contract.

Strong partners

Globally recognized actors

We work with the largest insurance companies such as ALLIANZ, AXA, Swiss Life and Assistance Companies such as Mondial Assistance or AXA Assistance.

International Medical Network

International Medical Network

The GGA provides its insureds with access to a healthcare network in Africa, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Our network includes :

  • Clinics and hospitals that have negotiated third-party payment arrangements with the GGA (direct settlement at medical facilities). This saves our policyholders any cash advance. This is the case in France and in many African countries.
  • The use of healthcare networks that have negotiated tariff agreements with the best hospitals and clinics
  • Hospitals and clinics that receive our letter of agreement, take care of our insured.
We have developed care networks in certain areas that seem very important to us:
    • In Africa, we have offices in Ivory Coast and Senegal:
      1. GGA Ivory Coast Rue des MajorettesFawaz building – 1st floorBIETRY – ABIDJAN – IVORY COAST standard: +225 21 35 95 92/93
      2. GGA Senegal 18, Rue Jacques BugnicourtDAKAR – SENEGALStandard: +221 33 889 15 16
      3. In these countries, our network of third-party payers covers your expenses for medical care and hospitalization.
      4. We also practice full third-party payment at CONGO
    • In the Middle East, our network is centered on Lebanon (See network)
    • In Asia, we are particularly targeting India and Pakistan.
    • In Europe, we can deliver care throughout Europe, and of course we practice the third-party payment throughout the French territory in case of hospitalization.

The Repatriation, Assistance and Emergency Evacuation guarantees being systematically included in Our Solutions, we protect you in your professional and / or private trips around the world, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Professional service

An expert team at your disposal to accompany you

A team of professionals is at your disposal to understand your needs and offer you the most appropriate insurance solutions. Do not hesitate to contact us. And our support services are at your disposal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

GGA Partner

Insurance and Management Group

We work with the most important international insurance companies such as Allianz / AXA / GBG and assistance companies, such as Mondial or AXA assistance.

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