Warranty Funeral

In case of Death in Europe we organize the repatriation of the corps to Africa.

Funeral Guarantee

When you live far from your home country or your family, a death is always a tragic event that is very difficult to manage.
The GGA, in partnership with GBG - Global Benefits Group, specialists in the African continent, offer a repatriation insurance body, designed for Africans living in Europe.
In case of death, we take care of and organize the repatriation of the body of the country of residence, to the country chosen by the insured.


Repatriation insurance, quick and easy. You choose:


  • The place or body must be repatriated.

  • The beneficiary of the aid of 1,000 euros

24/7 phone support at your service

Simplified steps

Repatriation done as quickly as possible

Personalized tracking


Death assistance with the repatriation of the body by plane from the country of residence, until ‘instead of the funeral

(funeral home closest to the main regional airport)

Support for all shipping costs


A capital of 1000 euros unconditionally paid to the person you have designated


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