A specialist in International Health since 1974, GGA is committed to protecting the personal data and privacy of the people we deal with in the course of its business. “Personal Data” is information that identifies you personally and that concerns you, or that identifies and concerns other natural persons, including members of your entourage. This Privacy Policy describes how we treat Personal Data that we may collect from:

  • the website (hereinafter the “Site”);
  • the software applications that we make available to you (hereinafter the “Applications”)
  • any other content, tools and social media applications (hereinafter our “Social Media Content”)
(collectively hereinafter referred to as “GGA Digital Services”, including the Site, the Applications and our Social Media Content),
or other means (for example, underwriting and claim forms, phone calls with our representatives and who may or may not be registered, e-mails and other communications you send to us, and we obtain from experts, health professionals, witnesses or other third parties involved in our activity). The rules enacted by this Privacy Policy are intended to apply in all countries in which we operate, provided that they do not conflict with applicable local legal provisions.

This Site is primarily for information purposes. In general, you may visit the Site without identifying yourself or providing us with Personal Data.

When you use GGA Digital Services, you may be required to provide us with Personal Data. In addition, we remind you that when you use third-party social network services to track, evaluate, share or comment on GGA services and content, these third-party services may collect and transmit Personal Data about you. We recommend that you read the privacy and data protection policies
these third-party services before any use.
The information and Personal Data that you communicate to us may be recorded in our client file and may give rise to the exercise of the right of access, rectification and opposition by contacting us as indicated in point 1 below. In addition, we use cookies to improve your browsing and marketing targeting purposes as described in point 1 below.,

1. Who to contact about your Personal Data?

If you have any questions about our use of your Personal Data, and in particular to exercise your rights, you can send an email to contact@ggaexpat.com or write to GGA, 42 rue Fortuny, 75017 Paris, France.

2. Personal Data We Collect

Depending on the nature of your relationship with our group (for example, as a policyholder, consumer, insured or third party policyholder, witness, broker or agent, or any other person related to our activity), the Personal Data we collect about you and your family may include:
• General information about your identity, contact information and your personal situation
Your name ; address ; email address and phone number; sex; marital status ; family situation ; birth date ; passwords (including on our systems); curricula and diplomas; activity records; photos; positions held, professional skills and experience; business cards and affiliations; relationship with the policyholder, the insured or the third party beneficiary; date and origin of death, bodily injury or disability.
• Financial information and bank details
Credit card number ; bank account number and account information; credit history and credit rating; assets; income; and other financial information.
• Sensitive data
In some cases, we are likely to receive sensitive data about your health status (as indicated in the “information that enables us to provide our products and services” section), your union membership, your religious beliefs, your political opinions. In some countries we may also process information related to justice in the framework of the prevention, detection and investigation of insurance fraud. Sensitive data may also be voluntarily transmitted by you (for example, if you express a preference for medical treatment, based on your religious beliefs or if you ask us to treat a disaster following a personal injury).
• Information collected for the purpose of investigating criminal activities, including fraud and money laundering
In some countries insurers are allowed to share their information about policyholders or third party beneficiaries of insurance policies to this effect.
• Information that enables us to provide our products and services
For example, travel project including booking numbers; health status and family medical history, the details of personal injury or disability, the age classes of the persons you wish to insure; information on coverage and risk; at the origin of the incident; the history of past claims and accidents; your social security number or national insurance number (for example in France for the management of the exchanges with the social security organizations for the management of the claims); your passport number or driver’s license number.
• Information about marketing preferences and feedback from customers
You can also share information about your business preferences, or respond to an optional customer satisfaction survey.
• Accounts on social networks and information received from applications
We may receive Personal Data about you when you use our Applications or Social Media Content, including the identity associated with your social network account and your profile image, as well as other Personal Data that you may have. you provide us. If you choose to link your social network account provided by another social network provider to your account (s) on one of GGA’s Digital Services, the Personal Data of your account on that social network will be shared with us; this may include Personal Data that is part of your account profile on this social network or the profiles of your friends.

3. How we use your Personal Data

Nous utilisons les Données Personnelles dans le but de :
Communicate with you and other persons referred to in point 5 below in connection with our activity.
Send you important information about policy changes, our other terms and conditions, GGA Digital Services, and other administrative information.
Decide whether or not to grant insurance coverage providing insurance and assistance services, including claims assessment, processing and settlement; and where appropriate to handle litigation related to claims.
Determine if you meet the requirements for your payment schedule, and manage your premiums and other payments.
Prevent, detect and investigate criminal activities, including fraud and money laundering, and analyze and manage other business risks.
Conduct surveys and market studies, satisfaction surveys.

Provide you with marketing information (including information about other products and services marketed by selected partners) based on the preferences you have expressed.
Identify yourself to the people you send messages to through GGA Digital Services.
Facilitate sharing features on social networks.
Manage our infrastructure and business operations, and comply with our internal policies and procedures, including our audit procedures; finance and accounting; billing and collection; computer; hosting of data and websites; continuity of our operations; and management of records, documents and printing.

Manage claims, and requests for access or modification to data.
Respect the applicable legislation and our regulatory obligations (including where applicable the laws of other countries than your country of residence), in particular those relating to the prevention of money laundering and the fight against terrorism; comply with legal procedures; and respond to requests from public or governmental authorities (including those from other countries than your country of residence).
Establish and defend our rights protect our operations and those of the companies in our group or our business partners in the field of insurance, the confidentiality of our operations, our security and our property, as well as those of the companies of our group, of you or third party; exercise available remedies and limit our harm.

4. International Transfer of Personal Data

Due to the global nature of our business, we may use the above-mentioned purposes to transfer Personal Data to persons located in other countries (including countries where there is a different Personal Data protection regime. of the country where you live). For example, we may transfer Personal Data for the purpose of processing claims for international travel and provide you with emergency medical assistance while you are abroad. We may transmit, in accordance with the applicable legal provisions, information to the companies of our group, to our service providers, to our commercial partners and to the state and administrative authorities located abroad. To meet the requirements of European regulations, transfers made by GGA outside the European Union have been authorized by the CNIL and are carried out under guarantees, including contractual, to ensure the security and protection of your Personal Data.

5. Sharing Personal Data

GGA may disclose Personal Data to the following entities:
The companies of our group
At present, GGA works in Africa with GGA Senegal entities, GGA Côte d’Ivoire. GGA companies take all appropriate measures to ensure the proper management and security of the Personal Data that they collect when they are used by other entities of the GGA group. Access to Personal Data is restricted within the group to those who need access to it in the course of our activities.
Other insurance and distribution partners
In connection with the marketing and provision of insurance services and the processing of claims, GGA may disclose Personal Data to third parties such as other insurers; reinsurers; insurance and reinsurance brokers and other intermediaries and agents; designated representatives; distributors; Affinity marketing partners as well as financial institutions, investment firms and other trading partners.
Our service providers
External service providers such as health professionals, accountants, actuaries, auditors, experts, lawyers and other external professional advisers; providers of travel and medical assistance services; telephone call centers; providers of computer systems, assistance and accommodation; printing, advertising, marketing, and market research and analysis service providers; the banks and financial institutions that manage our accounts; external claims managers; electronic document management and archiving service providers; investigators and adjusters; the engineers ; the auditors; translators; as well as other vendors and external service providers who collaborate with us in our business.
Recipients of your social sharing activities
These recipients can be those of your friends who are connected to your accounts on social networks, other users of the website or the social network provider on which you hold your account, for your social sharing activity; This is for example the case when you link your account to another social network with your GGA Digital Services account or when you connect to your GGA Digital Services account from your account on another social network. By connecting your GGA Digital Services account to your account on another social network, you authorize us to share information with the provider of that other social network and you understand that the use of the information we share is subject to the privacy policy. confidentiality of the website of this third party social network provider. If you do not want your Personal Data shared with other users or with the third-party provider of the social network on which you have an account, please do not connect your account on that other social network with your GGA Digital Services account. and not to participate in social sharing activities on GGA Digital Services.
Government authorities and third parties involved in court proceedings
GGA may also share Personal Data with governmental or administrative authorities (including, without limitation, workmen’s compensation boards, courts, law enforcement agencies, tax authorities and criminal investigation offices); as well as bodies involved in the investigation of civil judicial proceedings and their accountants, auditors, lawyers and other advisers and representatives whom we deem necessary or useful, with the aim: (a) to respect the legislation in force; (b) to respect a judicial procedure; (c) respond to requests from public and governmental authorities; (d) to demand the enforcement of our terms and conditions; (e) protect our business or that of the companies in our group; (f) protect our rights, the confidentiality of our operations, our safety and our property, as well as those of the companies in our group, yourself or others; and (g) to allow us to exercise the available remedies or to limit our prejudice.
Other third parties
We may share Personal Data with other stakeholders; emergency service providers (fire, police and emergency medical services); retailers; networks, organizations and health providers; carriers; credit companies; credit reporting agencies; as well as others involved in an incident declared as a disaster; as well as with actual or potential acquirers or any other interested party in the context of any restructuring, merger, transfer, joint venture, sale, transfer or other potential transaction involving all or part of our activity, our assets or our inventories. In order to detect and prevent fraudulent claims, Personal Data (including details of any bodily injury) may, under the terms provided by each jurisdiction, be shared with other insurers. We draw your attention to the fact that you may in certain cases communicate your Personal Data to message boards (bulletin boards), chat sites, profile pages and blogs, as well as other similar services that you may have. access to our GGA Digital Services when you have the ability to view information to be shared (including, but not limited to, our Social Media Content). You should be aware that any information that you publish or disclose through such services will become public information that may be brought to the attention of visitors and users of such GGA Digital Services and the general public. We strongly urge you to be careful when deciding to post your Personal Data, or any other information, through GGA Digital Services

6. Sécurité

GGA will make the appropriate technical, material, legal and organizational arrangements in accordance with applicable laws protecting the privacy and security of data. Unfortunately, the security of data transmission over the Internet or through a data storage system can not be 100% guaranteed. If you have reason to believe that your exchanges with us are no longer secure (especially if you feel that the security of the Personal Data that you have transmitted to us has been compromised), please report it immediately. (See “Who to Contact About Your Personal Information” above).

When GGA communicates Personal Data to a service provider, GGA is carefully selected and is required to take appropriate steps to protect the privacy and security of Personal Data.

7. Retention of Personal Data

GGA undertakes to take all steps necessary to ensure the quality of the Personal Data we process for their intended use so that it is as accurate and complete as necessary for the purposes stated in this Data Protection Policy. GGA retains the Personal Data for the period necessary to fulfill the purposes stated in this Policy, in compliance with its legal and regulatory obligations.

8. Personal Data relating to other natural persons

If you provide GGA with Personal Data about others, you agree to: (a) inform the individual of the content of this Policy; and (b) to obtain all statutory authorizations for the collection, use, disclosure and transfer (including cross-border transfer) of Personal Data relating to such person, in accordance with this Policy.

9. Requests for access and correction, questions and concerns

In some countries, a natural person may have the right to access, modify, or object to any Personal Data, or a right to request their removal, which may be exercised for certain reasons. In some countries these rights do not apply to all Personal Data. Please contact us as indicated in the section “Who to contact about your Personal Data” if you wish to apply for this type, or if you have any questions or concerns about our handling of your Personal Data.
In France, under the Data Protection Act of 6 January 1978, you have the right to access, modify, rectify and delete your Personal Data. You can also for legitimate reasons oppose the processing of Personal Data about you. To exercise these rights, we thank you for contacting us as described in the section “Who to contact about your Personal Data”

10. Other information we collect about GGA Digital Services

“Other Information” is information that does not reveal your identity, for example:
Information about your browser and the device you are using;
Information about your use of the Applications;
Information collected by cookies, pixel markers and other technologies;
demographic information and other information you provide us

grouped information.
Other information we collect
We and our third-party service providers may collect other information in various ways, including:
Through your internet browser or your electronic terminal: Some information is collected by most websites or automatically via your device, including your IP address (ie the address of your computer on the internet ), the resolution of your screen, your type (Windows or Mac) and operating system version, your browser type and version, the identity of the manufacturer and the model of your terminal, the language, the time of day your visit, the page (s) you viewed, and the name and version of the GGA Digital Services (for example, the applicable Application) you are using. We use this information to verify that GGA Digital Services is functioning properly
[/ icon] Using Pixel Markers, Web Beacons, Invisible GIFs, or Similar Technologies: These can be used in connection with certain pages of GGA Digital Services and HTML-formatted e-mail messages to, among other things, track the actions of GGA Digital Services users and e-mail recipients, measure the success of our advertising campaigns and compile statistics on the use of GGA Digital Sites.
In particular, we use Facebook’s invisible pixel to help us better understand how consumers use our site so that we can continue to improve it. Please note that we may use and disclose Other Information for any purpose unless laws in force forbid it. If we are obliged to treat Other Information as Personal Data under applicable law, then we may, in addition to the uses referred to under “Other Information We Collect”, use and disclose such Other Information for all purposes for which we use and disclose Personal Data.

11. Third party services

This Privacy Policy applies only to companies in the GGA group. GGA Digital Services may periodically contain links to other websites or services of our partner networks or third parties who have their own policies for which we can not incur any liability. We remind you that we are not responsible for policies and practices (including those related to data security practices) relating to any collection, use, and publication by third-party companies such as Facebook®, Twitter®, Apple®, Google®, Microsoft®, RIM / Blackberry®, or any other any other publisher or provider of an application, social networking platform, operating system, wireless service or any electronic device manufacturer, including any Personal Data that you transmit to other companies via or in connection with GGA Digital Services.

12. Use of GGA Digital Services by Minors

GGA Digital Services is not intended for persons under [eighteen (18)] years of age, and we ask that GGA Digital Services does not provide GGA Digital Personal Information by itself.

13. Changes to this Policy

We periodically review this Policy and we reserve the right to make changes at any time to reflect changing business conditions and our legal and regulatory obligations. We will update the Site on a regular basis. Please refer to the “LAST UPDATED” date at the top of this Policy for the latest revision date